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Custom Music
Karlking City:  Custom Music Delivery!

We take care of every steps of the process to provide the sound that you need for your film, commercial, website, tv show,...
-composition & scoring
-recording & mixing

In addition to the digital workstation (using standard music software including a nice collection of plug-ins and virtual instruments) the analog recording studio is the best feature to customize your music using analog gear, real musicians and vintage instruments.

From a jazz trio to an orchestral score the only limit is your imagination...

Go to the Film Scoring section to listen to some of our productions and feel free to get in touch for more details.
Recording Studio
Pum Pum Hotel: Recording Lab!

Located in Charleroi, Pum Pum Hotel is an analog only recording studio using tape machines, analog gear, vintage microphones and instruments.
Since 2008 the studio is working with artists from all over Europe, USA and Jamaica and had already produced and recorded dozens albums and singles from belgian rock'n'roll to jamaican soul. 

In 2010 the german label Grover Records released 'The Soul Of Pum Pum Hotel vol. 1' a compilation including the best recordings made in the studio from 2008 to 2010. The 33rpm vinyl version was released by the Chicago-based label Jump Up Records.
We are working on the volume 2 and it should be out this year. Stay tuned!

Go to the studio section to listen to some recordings and download the equipment list.
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